We’re listening to you

by | Aug 31, 2018 | News

As we near completion of the site conversion we’ve been getting feedback about some of the changes and we want you to know we are listening! Unlike other game sites where you arrive to a wall of thumbnails and very little in the way of any communication or “brand personality”, we want to make our visitors feel know that there is an actual person here that cares about your gameplay experience. So thank you to those who shared their opinions.

So, first up, as of last night, August 31 @ midnight, the Shanghai Dynasty page was set to redirect to the new one. We originally had the new page sized to slightly larger than the old one, but this made the graphics a bit chunky or blurry and some people didn’t like this. So we’ve reverted to the original size. You of course still have the option to go full-screen if you prefer.

Next, we heard that the new background colors made it hard on the eyes, so we reverted the main background color back to good old red. There’s still a bright white background surrounding the games for the moment but we’re going to have to test out a few different options before changing that, as it will affect other color choices, such as for the text, star ratings, sharing buttons, etc.

On another note, we just re-added a game that stopped functioning years ago, called Professor Sauernoggin and The Landfill of Doom. The score system doesn’t work (and any voucher offer at the end of the game is no longer valid), but it’s still an enjoyable game.

Thanks for reading and playing here! As always, your feedback is welcome!