September 2018 Game Round-Up

by | Oct 1, 2018 | News

It’s October 1st, 2018 and Fall is officially here in the mid-east. Halloween themed products are lining store shelves and the first leaves are changing color, marking autumn’s arrival along with a slight chill. What a sudden change this was! We went from shorts to jackets in the space of a week or two. Alas, with colder weather comes more indoor time, which for us means we should bring you more games to play!

As part of our recent website redesign, we’re trying to bring more frequent game additions, along with themed events like Mahjong Mondays.

Here’s our monthly round-up…

New In September 2018:

(Click a thumbnail image to jump to the game itself).

Mahjong Fun

A mahjong tile game (aka Shanghai style) with clear, vibrant looking icons rather than the traditional Chinese patterns and symbols. Play Mahjong Fun now


A fun action game with retro graphics, made by the indie game developer “Robber Docks”. Play Sheepwith now

Sheepwith can be purchased and downloaded at

Egypt Mahjong – Triple Dimensions

Egyptian themes and iconography presented in 3D (three dimensional) layout and also requiring three matching tiles rather than just two. This one really changes up the strategy involved.

Uphill Climb Racing 2

With some pleasingly realistic graphics, this little side-racer is fun for the kids. Play Uphill Climb Racing 2 now

That’s all folks!