A LilGames Facelift!

by | Jul 31, 2018 | News

The NEW Lil’ Games website is here!

Today we unveil to you, our loyal visitors, a brand new look and experience at LilGames.com !

First, a little history:

LilGames.com was launch in June, 2001. Yes, 17 years ago! The “interwebz” were still young then and web games were a relatively new thing. My digital media company, SPORE Productions, had created a game called SPORE CUBES that essentially went viral (before the term viral even existed!). I don’t have exact numbers, but the game started appearing all over the world wide web. I wanted to give players a single place to play it, along with other games that were starting to appear, made by various Flash developers from all over the world. That was this site.

One of the first third-party games we added was the famous Shanghai Dynasty, by Petr Mizerov as well as Ballistic Biscuit and Mancala Snails, games designed and developed by Lance Priebe, who would go on to found a massively popular online world for kids called Club Penguin!

We also dabbled in sponsored games with the fun little retro “rogue-like” called Minotaur.

That was then, this is now

Over the years though, the site has gone through periods of frequent updates and periods of neglect. It’s been clear for many years now that this site needed a major update, both in content and the back-end that operates it. It needed to keep up with changes in technology, as well as player preferences, behaviors, social media, and to offer compelling games for specific types of players. (We cater to many types but “casual gamers” are our favorite.)

So today, after months and months of work I am happy to finally launch the new system that will enable us to easily and frequently update the site with new content. And not only will there be new games, but new games that do not require the Flash Player plugin to play.

New Games and new features

Other things you’ll notice:

  • FULL SCREEN MODE for a majority of the games. Click the button and the game expands to fill your screen. Hit ESC to exit. (A small number of games do not support this feature.)
  • Every game can be RATED from 1 to 5 stars. This will show us which games you like and which you don’t, so please use it and be objective in your ratings. We will try to add more games similar to the ones that get high ratings, and might even delete the ones that are hated.
  • Categories and Tags appear at the top of every game page, right under the title. Click them to find more games that have been tagged with that keyword.
  • SEARCH! You can now search for keywords and browse the results. Want to find only our HTML5 games? Just search for the term “HTML5”.
  • Every game and blog post has “social sharing” icons at the bottom so you can share things you like to friends via Facebook, email and other social media channels.
  • Every game has a quick link to the Help Center and to our contact form via the Report A Problem link.

Read our previous news post that goes into a bit more details about some of the new features.

Change is good!

In the days and weeks to come, the site will go through some additional tweaks as we figure out what works, what doesn’t and how things could be better presented. Your feedback is important to us, so please reach out to us with comments, good or bad, via our contact form.

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A big Thank You to all our players!

René Boutin AKA “Lil’ Gamer”
President, SPORE Productions
Founder, LilGames.com