How To Unblock And Allow Adobe Flash To Play Games

by | Aug 9, 2019 | News | 7 comments

Update: April 14, 2021 *

A couple months ago we implemented a technology that “emulates” older Flash content, without requiring any plugins or actions on your browser end. Several of our games are now fully functional again because of this tech. Please let us know if one of your favourites is not working (at all or properly).


Update: January 25, 2021 *

It’s over. Adobe, the makers of Flash Player have ended support and updates of the plugin and have made it block all flash content. There is no longer any method to unblock it.

The good news is that we have updated Shanghai Dynasty to a version in HTML5. This does not require Flash nor any other plugin. Try it out the Shanghai Dynasty game in HTML5 now! Send us your feedback! Other game conversions will follow as well.


*Update: 11/18/2020 *
We are actively working on a solution that will let you continue to enjoy your favorite game on Stand by for further news.

* Updated: 10/10/2019 *
As of Chrome update 76 and 78+ the whole process of unblocking and allowing Flash plugin to run may be even more complicated or obscured than before. We recommend trying a Chrome browser extension called SuperNova SWF Enabler to manage the blocking/unblocking of Adobe Flash plugin content and games.

Our original article with instructions follows below:

One of the most common inquiries we receive here at is when loyal game players come back to their favorite game to find it suddenly and inexplicably blocked by their web browser of choice, usually Google’s Chrome browser version 76 or higher.

This behavior is part of a strategy by the major web browser creators to push out and eventually completely kill off a browser plugin called Adobe Flash, despite it being massively popular and a ubiquitous way to deliver interactive entertainment for almost two decades.

For a while now, Mozilla’s Firefox has displayed an ominous though blatantly misleading warning, with the link to “click to activate” almost unnoticeable in-between the alarming red text and icon.

How to Activate Adobe Flash in Firefox

This warning appears even if you have the latest version already installed. Don’t believe it. Just click the activation link.

This “serious” looking warning is just that, a warning. And regardless if you already have the very latest version of Adobe Flash plugin installed or not, this red “stop!!!” icon and claim that the plugin is vulnerable appears. It’s a bit disingenuous if you ask me. Anyways, look carefully and a link to activate Flash is there, almost unnoticeable between the alarming red visuals. Click it, and off you go continuing to enjoy the web games you love.

Now as of July 30th 2019, we’ve noticed that Google’s Chrome browser version 76 changes the default behavior regarding blocking Adobe Flash to a straight up block without the ability to “click to activate” within the page. Even if a user had previously set up specific sites to allow running Flash content, update 76 just wipes out those preferences!

Changing Chrome’s default Adobe Flash blocking:

Here’s how to change the default blocking behaviour back to how you had it:

  1. Click the “3 dots” icon up in the top-right corner of the Chrome browser
  2. Select “Settings”
  3. Once in the blue “search settings” field type “flash”. The option “Site Settings” should have a yellow “Flash” marker indicating the options for that are in “Site Settings”
  4. Click Site Settings
  5. Click Flash
  6. Here you can configure allowing flash, the default behaviour, and add specific sites to allow. For me, my previously allowed sites appear to have been deleted from here by this recent browser update.
  7. Where it says “block sites…” turn on the toggle so it then says “Ask First”
  8. Now go back to the Shanghai dynasty page, reload it and you should now be allowed to “click to activate” and allow flash to run.


NEW TIP, October 10th, 2019:
Some people are recommending the use of a Chrome browser extension called SuperNova SWF Enabler to make this whole Flash problem easier to manage. Give it a try.


More tips are available in our Help section and additional instructions found in this article.