Flash is dead. Long live Flash Shanghai!

by | Feb 28, 2021 | News

As many of you already know, Adobe killed off the Flash Player. This meant a great many fan favorites here at Lil’ Games became unplayable overnight. We received many emails asking what happened and why didn’t Shanghai work anymore. And the unfortunate truth was that there was nothing we could do short of re-programming games. And for games that weren’t developed by us, that left us with no options (not to mention that this site is basically run by one person!)

One thing we did try was to resurrect Shanghai Dynasty in a programming language called HTML5. This type of programming runs right in the browser web page without plugins or extensions. It “just works”. We started by finding a similar game to Shanghai Dynasty that was made in HTML5 and adapting it to have the same graphics. This pleased some of you and displeased others greatly. But now, WE are pleased to announce that we found a technology that allows older Flash games to work again, including first and foremost, your beloved Shanghai!

We’re also able to revive a few other favorites as well, such as Word Crunch, Rise of Atlantis, Minotaur, Mancala Snails and several others we’re slowly working through. Each compatible game page requires a few very quick edits and tests. The games that work tend to be from 2006 and older, so some oldies but goodies and this includes the 20 year old Shangai Dynasty!

We hope this is as good news to you as it was for us! Comments are enabled below ↓