Big changes are coming soon + FULL SCREEN MODE!

by | Apr 3, 2018 | News

We are overhauling this website! A few changes and improvements are coming within the next few weeks:

Phase 1: First we will be unveiling an updated look and layout for all parts of this website. Your favorite games will still be here, but the page address will change. Our site will automatically redirect you to the new page. The games should still function just as they did before. You may be required to click the game windows and “activate Flash” again, but if you check the “Allow and Remember” box, you’ll be good to go for every visit.

A new feature will be that every game will be presented at a larger scale along with a “Full Screen” button! That’s right, you’ll be able to expand games to fill your screen! No more squinting. (This feature is currently being tested. We have it working in the Firefox browser but are still working on some issues in Chrome). *UPDATE: July 1, 2018* This feature has been fixed and works in Chrome as well as Safari! 

Phase 2: After initial launch of the new system and look, we’re going to work on enhancing the design and usability of the site. We’re also going to begin introducing games that do not require the Flash plugin. Don’t worry, your favorite games will still be here, but we’ll be adding games you can play on tablets and other devices that can’t run Flash.

Your feedback and support will be needed! We will be implementing better ways to share and provide feedback. After launch, we will be inviting you to let us know what we could do better and how you can support us to keep adding new games (something we’ve dropped the ball on in the last few years).

Thank you all for playing and coming back! We love you!