Most of our older games on this website use Adobe Flash Player. This is the most common, popular and technically feature-rich solution to making games for the web. Despite many recent articles over the years, trying to put down Flash and make it sound like the devil, Adobe has done a great job of patching and updating Flash Player on a regular basis to keep it as secure as possible. Even your browser has security holes and requires updating. Flash is no worse.

The other technology for delivering games on our site is called “WebGL” and “HTML5”. These technologies rely on core website languages such as HTML, and Javascript to deliver rich game experiences. WebGL uses HTML5 methods but also can take advantage of your computer’s graphics hardware and delivery rich real-time 3D, just like a video game console!

If you are experiencing difficulties playing our games, we recommend you check the following:

*UPDATE: Chrome Update 76 changes default Adobe Flash blocking settings. Read our post about it here:

  • Check the game page’s tags to see if it is using Flash, HTML5 or WebGL
  • Use a recent, updated browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox*, or Safari.
  • If prompted to activate Flash, do so.
  • If prompted to ALLOW Flash, do so and check the “Remember” box.
  • Alternatively, sometimes it is necessary to undo previous blocking and configure the browser’s internal Flash settings to ALLOW. Go to Settings or Options of your browser and search for “Flash” or “Add-on” or “Extensions” …
  • Make sure you have the latest Flash Player installed. It’s FREE!
  • Install Flash Player by clicking here:
    Get Flash 5
    (Follow the instructions provided.)
  • Some games added more recently to this site do not use Flash but “just work”. These games are tagged “HTML5” or “WebGL”. These games usually “just work”, but make sure you are using a current browser on preferably a Windows PC or Mac. Some of these games may work on tablets but not always.

*Recently, Firefox has been exhibiting problems playing some games, such as Spore Cubes, Guardian Rock and a few others. These games appear to work just fine in Chrome or Edge, so consider switching browser if you encounter non-working games.

If you have addressed all the above and still have difficulties, or you have discovered “bugs” and problems with the site, please contact us.