Roguelikes like Minotaur are a fun alternative to hardcore RPGs. You get to explore randomized dungeons, search for treasure, and combat enemies, with an element of light turn-based strategy. Here’s a great little retro example of this reminiscent of 80’s classics like Sword of Fargoal and Temple of Apshai. (Consult the icon legend below the game).
Explore the dungeon! Use the CURSOR KEYS to move your man one space at a time, up, left, right or down. Your goal in each level is to find the exit stairs. Along the way, you may find keys to open doors, potions that extend your life, or traps that take away life. If you encounter the mighty Minotaur, you have to choose: Do you use your sword (Press the cursor key towards the Minotaur)? Do you sacrifice some life by dashing through him? Or do you run away in hopes of finding a sword or exit? And take your time! The Minotaur will only move one space for every one space you move, so take your time and plan your next move!


Minotaur playerYouMinotaur monsterThe MinotaurMinotaur doorDoor
Minotaur keyKey – Opens one doorMinotaur potionPotion – Extends life by 1Minotaur swordKills one Minotaur
Minotaur torchTorch – Lights the way ahead 2 spacesMinotaur trapTrap – Hurts you by 1 life pointMinotaur broken trapBroken Trap
Minotaur shieldShield – Protects you once from a trap or MinotaurMinotaur stairsExit stairs – Takes you to a deeper, larger dungeon

Tog The Mighty

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