UPDATED! Fans of the Shanghai Dynasty game, rejoice! The HTML5 “NO-FLASH” version is here! And 5 new layouts are available to challenge your mahjong tile matching skill!

This classic strategy mahjong tile solitaire game debuted as a web game in 2001. The original game was published in the early 1990’s by Activision as a PC game and it was very popular. We don’t know where this genre of game originated from exactly, since it makes use of traditional mahjong play tiles, but not the same rules. This updated HTML5 version is simple, with 6 layouts, yet very playable and addictive!

NOTICE: This updated version of Shanghai is mobile compatible and does not require Adobe Flash Player. Another “HD” version of this game can be found here. And the original Flash version (should you my some miracle be able to run it) is here.

Select a skill level by clicking the thumbnail for the layout you wish to play. “Classic” is the original Shanghai layout. (The “For Kids” layout is no longer available).

The goal of the game is to remove all tiles from the screen. The rules are that you can only remove tiles by matching two that are the same, and they must not be blocked from sliding to the left or right. Click one tile, then click the second. If they match and they are free to be removed, they will disappear. You can only remove a tile if it does not have a tile on top of it, and it has a space free either to the left or right of it. Imagine sliding the tile out left or right. If there is a tile obstructing the one you wish to slide out, the move will be disallowed. Good luck!

Original Flash version: Mizerov Petr
HTML5 code: Code This Lab
SPORE Productions