Even disco dancers can become zombies, and this game makes it a plot point. Disco, dancing, and zombies attacking! AAHHH! Run for your life in this really funny action-adventure Flash game.

Now here’s a fun little “seasonal” game, chock full of ghosts, ghouls, graphics and ZOMBIES! The object of the game is to figure out how to get through each level. There’s a wide variety of things you can do and objects you can use. The main controls are the cursor keys to move up, down, left, right and to jump. Shift key is the main action key–it lets you pick up objects, move them, or interact with them in other ways. Lastly, there’s the mouse and mouse button. When you pick up special objects, they appear in your inventory at the bottom. To use an item from there, you select it with the mouse (for example, pick up the vaccuum cleaner and then use it to suck up ghosts). If you’re using the shotgun, the mouse button is to shoot. (Stuck in level 1? Try closing all the doors.)