Welcome to the web’s oldest free online game site.

Here at Lil’Games.com our philosophy is simple: Have fun! We provide you with free online games that are easy to learn, unique, and above all, fun. In the past, all you needed to enjoy our games was the Adobe Flash plugin for our older Flash games or a recent browser for our newer HTML5 games. Now, all you need is your browser!

Launched on June 1st, 2001, LilGames.com is the creation of SPORE Productions, an independent company founded by René Boutin, specializing in game development, mobile apps, WordPress websites, and interactive entertainment development and production (what we used to call “multimedia”) services.

Lil’ Games.com came to be as a result of two things: First, in March of 2000, the idea was hatched to create a line of simple yet fun games that would be available on unique mini-CDs, at a budget price. The games were “little” in more than one way, so the name “Lil’ Games” was adopted.

Then in late 2000, one of Spore Productions games began to draw lots of attention from regular folks just looking for some fun online. This game was “Spore Cubes”. Feedback was really positive, and Spore’s “Supreme Leader” felt that Cubes players would have a better experience if they had a full fledged gaming site.

This is that site. And it’s dedicated to all the Cubes fans out there who kept emailing us positive comments and praise. We heard you and thank you. Fast forward to 2018 and we are still here, providing casual gamers the puzzles and casual games you enjoy every day. We have just launched a complete site overhaul that brings a new look and finally more games, in particular, games that don’t require a plugin (these are called “WebGL” and “HTML5 games”).

As of 2021, we’ve installed software that “converts” our older Flash games to function without a plugin (like magic!). As time goes, more and more of the newer Flash content should become compatible too.

There you have it folks. This is what we’re all about. Basically we’re here to have and provide fun! For more information about SPORE Productions, our games, and game licensing, please contact us.