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 1 Shanghai Dynasty
2 Spore Cubes
3 Jewel Quest
4 Highway
5 Rise of Atlantis

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Spore Cubes 2014 strategy puzzle game New updated Spore Cubes:

We've updated the look and feel of Spore Cubes in celebration of the iPhone and Android release of this game. And thank you to all the loyal "cubies" for continuing to play this game all these years.
play this free web version of Angry Birds game now

Games Hosted on
Spore Cubes 2014
Spore Cubes 2014 strategy puzzle game

Eliminate groups of colored blocks in this highly addictive puzzle strategy game.
Shanghai Dynasty
Shanghai Dynasty classic mah jong strategy game

Remove all the matching tiles, but plan your moves or you'll get stuck!
Play Spore Cubes Game Play Shanghai Dynasty Game
Explore the Minotaur's dungeons in this free flash game

Retro style dungeon exploration. Plan each move, and avoid the dreaded Minotaur.
Mancala Snails
Mancala Snails ancient strategy game

The ancient strategy game presented in a unique fun style. 1 or 2 players.
Play the free Minotaur Flash game now! Play Mancala Snails free online web game
Snap Shotz
Find the differences between two photographs in this fun classic online game

Hunt for the differences in 5 sets of photos.
Marble Solitaire
Play a classic strategy game Marble Solitaire

A classic game of strategy. Test your hi-q by jumping the marbles.
Play the free web game Snap Shotz photo challenge by Spore Productions Play a classic strategy game Marble Solitaire
Celebrity JumblePic
Celebrity JumblePic scrambled image game

Unscramble the jumbled photo in as few moves as possible.
Hexxagon reversi style strategy game

Outwit your opponent by cloning your pieces and theirs!
Play JumblePic Game Play Hexxagon free Game
Highway Car Jam game

Slide the cars so you can get your car out of the traffic jam.

Penguin Puzzle
download Penguin Puzzle addicting free game

It's a puzzle like Lines, but Penguin style!
Play Highway free Game This game has been retired
The Tower of Hanoi
The Tower of Hanoi puzzle strategy game

Ancient puzzle of stacked discs. Move them from one pole to another, but...
Push-Pull strategy game

Push a block, pull a block; Can you get them all down?.
Play Tower of Hanoi free Game Play Push-Pull Game
Play a brand new strategy puzzle game

Align rows of five colored jewels.
Santa Balls 2
Santa Balls 2 the fun addicting puzzle game

Align lines of colored balls in this Christmas themed puzzle game.
A new online strategy puzzle game Santa Balls 2  Fun addicting puzzle games
Drop! the puzzle game

Align colored balls to make them disappear.

Ms. Match
Ms. Match the bejeweled puzzle game

Match three symbols in this bejeweled style game for women.
Play Drop! an action puzzle game Play the free web game Ms. Match
Jewel Quest
Jewel Quest is classic bejeweled style puzzle gaming!

Classic match-3 Bejeweled style puzzle game. Swap jewels to create rows of three or more gems.
Survival FactorStrategy puzzle survivor game
This is a fun and deceptively simple game of endurance.
Play this Bejeweled style match-3 puzzle game for free Free games and downloads
Crystal Clear
Play this classic puzzle game called Crystal Clear

This is a classic puzzle game, typically called "lines" or similar, but with a twist!
Bubble Element
Bubble Element is a classic shoot the bubble Bust a Move style game

Classic puzzle action! Shoot the puzzle bobbles to match colors, Bust-a-Move style!
Play this classic puzzle game for free Play this Bejeweled style match-3 puzzle game for free
 Icy Candy
Play this cute japanese candy matching game

Catch and match colored jelly candies. (Similar to Klax).
Play this simple match-3 strategy puzzle game

Match colored spheres to form rows. It's classic puzzle fun in a small form.
Play this card game for free Play this match-3 puzzle game for free
Flash 3DX
Flash 3dx - Play for free now

Arrange the falling blocks to form complete lines. Don't let the screen fill up!

Rise of Atlantis
Play or download Rise of Atlantis match-3 game

A classic and well-made gem swapping game. Match columns and rows while uncovering special items.
Play this exciting 3D Tetris clone now! Play Around the World in 80 days match-3 puzzle game
Around the world
Play or download Around the World in 80 Days game

Take a19th century adventure of a life time -- Match the colored objects to uncover the special items needed on your excursion.
Play Mystery Case Files Ravenhearst edition

Search rooms in a creepy mansion for hidden objects and solve strange puzzles. Click and search for answers!
Play Around the World in 80 days match-3 puzzle game Play Ravenhearst flash game

Play Fishdom Fishtank puzzle game hybrid.

Match-3 puzzles and fishtank simulation all in one. Clear the levels of golden tiles, then spend your money on your own fish tank. 
Mahjong Flower
Play Mahjong flower tower game at

Fans of Shanghai Dynasty will enjoy this classic mah-jong tile matching game with many layouts to choose from.
Play Fishdom match-3 puzzle game and fishtank simulator. Play Mahjong Flower Game

Christmas Ville
Play Christmasville hidden object and puzzle game
Solve the mystery of Santa's disappearance. Find hidden objects, and find the differences as you uncover clues. Beach Reversi
Play Beach Reversi strategy Flash game

Relax by the beach playing this classic Othello Reversi game of strategy.
Play Christmas Ville Game Play Beach Reversi Game

Kit and Ellis
Play Kit and Ellis puzzle Flash game

Match symbols of three or more using the items that scroll by, in this pretty pirate themed puzzle game.
Play Ancient Columns Flash game

A very pretty revisitation of the classic game of Columns. Match colored blocks in rows, columns or even diagonals.
Play Kit and Ellis Ville Game Play Ancient Columns Game

Play Bobblox puzzle Flash game

Classic block puzzler just like Spore Cubes, but with a score purpose rather than screen clearing.
Call of Atlantis
Play Call of Atlantis puzzle game

A beautiful oceanic themed puzzle game.
Play Bobblox Game   Play Call of Atlantis Game

Cargo Bridge
Play Cargo Bridge puzzle game

Help the workers move objects back to the hut, by constructing elaborate bridges, using realistic physics.
Play Laserworx puzzle game

A simple yet challenging thinking puzzle game. Align the laser turrets so that the beam crosses all the targets.
Play Cargo Bridge Game   Play Laserworx Game

Play Woobies puzzle game

Rescue the cute Woobies in this oustanding match 3 game before the big ambos smashes them!
Fishdom H20 Hidden Odyssey
Play Fishdom H2O Hidden Odyssey action puzzler game 

Deep sea diving hidden object matching game and a virtual fish tank all in one!
Play Woobies Game   Play Fishdom H20 Hidden Odyssey Game

The Pumpkin House
Play Pumpkin House Differences action puzzler game

Find the differences in each set of halloween themed images. Click the Hint button if you get stuck.
Play Mancala Mochi Flash game

The classic ancient game of strategy. Outwit your opponent and capture the most stones.
Play The Pumpkin House Difference Game   Play Mancala Mochi game

Little Farm
Play Little Farm Flash game

A cute puzzle game where you harvest your crops by selecting matching veggies.

Christmas Mahjong
Play Atomic Reaction Flash Game

Match mahjong tiles in this classic puzzle game.
Play Little Farm Flash game Play Christmas Mahjong holiday Flash game

Word Race
Play Word Race online for free

Race against the clock to unscramble word tiles. 30 seconds--3 rounds!
Word Crunch
Play Word crunch online then download it for free

Word searching with a twist! Letters didsappear and drop down. New puzzle daily.
Play Word Race scramble Play theWord Crunch every day
Word Island
Play Word Island free online game

Monkey around with the alpha-bet in this crazy jungle typing game.

More fun and game!
This game has been retired  
UFO Commando
Alien abduction insanity in UFO Commando

Fly your saucer around and abduct the sheep, in this cute and zany little UFO game.

Fetch n Stretch
Fetch n Stretch is a unique twist on snake featuring a prom limousine.

Drive the stretch limo, picking up passengers and avoiding obstacles. Plays like classic Snake.
Play Meatball Madness soccer kick-ups game Play Fetch n Stretch snake game for free now.
Meatball Madness
Play the free Meatball Madness kick-ups game

Soccer kick-ups with a spicey meatball! How many flicks till the floor's covered in meatballs?

Bashing Pumpkins
Play the free Bashing Pumpkins Halloween game

It's not Halloween, but have fun anyways, bashing pumpkins in this wacky game.
Play Meatball Madness soccer kick-ups game Free Bashing Pumpkin Halloween games and downloads
Dots is a dotty game of eating dots - almost like feeding frenzy

Move a dot, collect dots, and avoid other dots... This game will have you seeing dots before you know it!.
Heidi One
Heidi One is retro space shooter goodness

It's advanced deep space warfare with retro classic asteroids field gameplay.
Play Funky Pong 2 for free Play the addicting Reaktor game
Funky Pong 2
Funky Pong 2 is an addicting bouncing game

Keep the ball bouncing on your paddle for as long as possible.

free Reaktor action game

Match three of a color in the reactor core.
Play Funky Pong 2 for free Play the addicting Reaktor game
Adventure Elf
Adventure Elf the Super Mario style scrolling adventure game

Run around and collect Xmas goodies!
Match the Zymbols free action game

Match the symbols before the time runs out.
Play Adventure Elf Christmas game Play the free action puzzle matching game Zymbols
Stax 3D
Stax 3D klaxx style action game

Catch the tiles and drop them in rows, columns and diagonals.

Acne Zit Popper
zit popping made fun

Funny and gross! Pinch and pop the zits before the clock runs out!
Play Stax 3D Game pop some zits now in this funny game
Lunar Command
A game where you eat some flies

Classic missile command action, as you protect your lunar base from attack.
Ballistic Biscuit
Ballistic Biscuit water sports

Dodge, jump, and hold your breath as you cling for dear life!
Protect the moon from the Missiles Play Ballistic Biscuit action Game
the Sheep Game
Cute Little Sheep Game

A cute little game of sheep herding.
Nimian Flyer 2
Nimian Flyer 2 action adventure flight game

An epic dragon adventure, flying and fighting over the magical land of WORLD.
Play the Sheep Game Play Nimian Flyer actionGame
Fly Eatin'
A game where you eat some flies

It's weird, it's gross, but it's also very funny and hard to stop playing!
Blast Thru
Blast Thru free breakout game

Classic brick-bashing action. Knock out the bricks and don't miss the ball.
Eat some flies now! Play the classic style Blast Thru breakout game
The Bartender
Not at all like Tapper, you get to mix drinks and server them to your patrons.

A unique little game where you can run and pub and serve drinks to your customers.
Digital Switch
cute little multi-game to play

A cute little game of digital switching. Swap the little guys to catch icons of the same color.
Mix and Serve drinks now!
Cloud Climber
Play Cloud Climber and reach for the sly!

Reach for the skies in this cute and stylish platform jumping game.

As3teroids is like Atari Asteroids on steroids!

Classic Asteroids style space shooting!
Play this soccer game now! Play this soccer game now!
Landfill of Doom
Play Landfill of Doom

Run and jump your way through the land, cleaning up pollution and searching for your stolen Toxic Waste Candy formula!
Geo Wars 2
Play Geo Wars 2 fast shooter game

Similar to Geometry Wars, a fun little frantic shoot em up with interesting vector geometric visuals and fast shooter action.
Inca Ball
Play Inca Ball Flash game now

Shoot colored balls at the marching line of balls and collect the power ups that pop out. Classic fun!
Charlie The Duck
Play Charlie the Duck free Flash game now

Charlie the duck is off on an adventure. Avoid the nasty critters and collect gems and coins!
Play Inca Ball Classical game Free games and downloads
Puzzle Farter
Play Puzzle Farter free Flash game now

This is a great little platform puzzler with a funny subject matter. Fart, fly to get to the exit door.
Icy Slicy
Play Icy Slicy Flash game at

Slice off chunks of ice without cutting the object frozen inside.

Play Puzzle Farter Action game Play Icy Slicy Game 
Fairy Treasure
Play Fairy Treasure brick breaking Flash arkanoid game

Classic brick busting ball action. Bounce the balls to hit bricks and uncover secret bonuses and power ups.
Super Stacker
Play Super Stacker Flash game

Simple but very fun "physics" challenge. Stack shapes without toppling them over.
Play Fairy Treasure Action game Free games and downloads 
Space Mutants from Space
shoot the space invaders in this great space game

Fight back the formations of space invaders using your high-tech super-powered mini-tank of doom!
Guardian Rock
Play Guardian Rock action puzzler game

Fight back against the archeologists! Knock them out and return to your rightful spot in the ruins.
Play Space Mutants from Space Action game   Play Guardian Rock Action game
Ink Ball
Play Ink Ball Flash game

A unique game of ball bouncing. Draw lines to keep the balls from escaping or colliding.
More fun and game!
Play Space Mutants from Space Action game  
Poker Master
Poker Master casino fun

5 card draw poker.

Blackjack free casino game

Classic Blackjack challenge.
This game has been retired Play Memory Game
Spin Palace Games
Poker Master casino fun

A big vast collection of casino games available to play for fake or real money.

Live action bingo games are online and ready to play at Jackpotjoy
Free games and downloads Free games and downloads
Help Jim!
A fun kids game where you free Jim from the apple pile

Oh no! Jim's been buried by a pile of apples. Help him get out in time!

Birds Memory Game
Birds Memory Matching game

Classic memory matching game with birds images. First of a series.
Free Jim from the apple pile Play Memory Game
My Sweet Sixteen
Play this sweet sixteen dress-up doll game

Dress up the girl for the high school dance and then find out who your secret crush is!
My Sweet 16 Photo Shoot
Free Sweet Sixteen Flash game to play

Dress up the girl for a magazine cover! But which magazine will it be?
Free Jim from the apple pile Free Jim from the apple pile
Celebrity Dress Up Dolls
Dress up Paris, Avril or Hilary

Do you love to play dress up? Now dress up your favorite (or not so favorite) celebrities.
More fun and game!
Play celebrity dress-up dolls for free Free games and downloads
Mindfield classic minesweeper strategy game

Click your way through the mine field without clicking on a mine!Tricky...
Simon Says
Mindfield classic minesweeper strategy game

BEEP! BOOP! Repeat the patterns that Simon plays...
Play Minefield strategy game Play Simon Says classic game
MahJongg Master
play free online mahjong shanghai games

Classic mah-jong tile solitaire game for Shanghai dynasty fans.
Solitaire Master
download the solitaire card game free

The classic game of card solitaire. Play online for free, or purchase.
This game has been retired Play our free card games
Ask The Spirits
Contact the dead with this special internet spirit talker!

Find out what creepy spirits may be lurking about.

Smily Memory
Play with these kooky smilie guys
A classic game with a new twist.
Play MahJongg tile game for free
Play Mahjong matching game now

Match tiles in this classic mah-jong tile matching game.

More fun and game!
Play Mah Jong tile matching  
Tiger Slider Puzzle
Tiger Slider Puzzle Game

The classic slider puzzle with an image of a tiger. First of a series to come.
Space Jigsaw Puzzle
Space Jigsaw puzzle game

Classic jigsaw puzzle with a space theme. First in a series to come.
Play Slider puzzle Game Play Jigsaw puzzle Game
BBall Shoot-Out
BBall Shoot-Out sports action game

It's a 3-man basketball shoot-out. Sink your shots before the time runs out.

Challenge of the Cannibals
Play the fun action archery game Challenge of the Cannibals for free

Captured by jungle cannibals, your life depends on your archery skills.
Play basketball shoot-out game from Adam Sandler's 8 crazy nights Play the archery challenge of the cannibals
Dukesberry Shoot-Out
Basketball shoot-out game from the movie 8 crazy nights

Shoot hoops against characters from the movie "8 Crazy Nights".

Bullseye! Darts
Bullseye! Dart throwing action sports game

Dart throwing at its best. Try to top your score with a well-placed throw.
Play Dukesberry Shoot-out basketball This game has been retired
Goal Wall Shooting
Play some free soccer goal wall shooting

Strategically shoot the soccer ball into the target zones in the goal wall.
Sumo Sushi Soccer
Sumo Sushi Soccer free flash game

Jump and bump to hit the soccer ball into the opposing Sumo wrestler's goal.
Play this soccer game now! Play this Sumo Sushi soccer game now!
Mini Putt Golf
Putt a few rounds of mini putt golf

Try to get under par in this simple but fun Mini Putt Golf simulator
Stickman Tennis
Play Stickman Tennis Sports Game

Simple graphics, simple fun! Stick Man Tennis is like Wii tennis on a budget.
Play this soccer game now! Play Stickman Tennis Game now
Hot Dog Bush
Serve up hot dogs and hamburgers in this street vendor sim

Run your own Hot Dog stands! Serve customers hot dogs, hamburgers, fries and drinks before they run out of patience!
Horse Rancher Play Horse Rancher game
Try your hand at raising champion race horses! Train them, buy food, maybe even buy and sell the horses too. Then race!
Play Hot Dog Bush now Play this Horse Rancher Game now!
Virtual Villagers 2
Play Virtual Villagers 2 Flash game at

Guide a tribe on an island as they learn various skills, grow, age and even die. Can you keep the tribe thriving?
More fun and game!
Play this Virtual Villagers 2 the lost children game in your web browser  
Card Mania
Play Card Mania Flash game

Use up your deck before your opponent. Quick thinking and fast acting wins.
Chudadi Beauties
Play a classic card game

A fun 4-player card game with beautiful graphics.
Play Card Mania Flash game Play a classic card game
Tripeaks Mania
Play Tripeaks Mania Flash game

A fun variation on the classic solitaire game. Clear the table of all cards.
Stack Cards
Play Stack Cards Flash game

A speed stacking game using Blackjack card rules. Add up random draws to 21 within the time limit.
Play Tripeaks Mania Flash game   Play a classic card game
Urban Adrenaline 3D

A state of the art real-time 3D battle-racing game.
Play 3D flight sim Cubefield  for free

Fly through a surreal landscape of 3D cubes. How long can you survive?
Play this race game in 3D in your web browser Play CubeField in 3D for free
Memo Cube 3D
Play the classic memory game in 3D

The classic memory game, in full rotating 3D!
Orb of Light
Orb of Light 3D action game

Save the townspeople of Darkalot from eternal darkness (in 3D!).
Play this race game in 3D in your web browser Play Orb of Light 3d Game
Reactor Twist 3D
Play the Reactor Twist  game in 3D

Stop the robot intruders from capturing your reactor core! Done in a styllish Flash 3D.
More fun and game!
Play this action game in 3D in your web browser  
Play Bounceroid skill game

Bounce balls around to score points. Juggle them to score even more points. Simple but deep fun!

Atomic ReactionPlay Atomic Reaction Flash Game

Time your ignition of the chain reaction to destroy more than 85% of the particles.
Play Bounceroid Skill Game Play Bounceroid Skill Game
External Game Links:
Yeti Sports
Play Word crunch online then download it for free

Crazy Yeti and Penguin sports action!

Cowboys and Engines
Play Cowboys and Engines in 3D for Free

Fun and cute online multi-player cowboy world with mini-games. (Retired game)
Play this race game in 3D in your web browser Cowboys and Engines free 3D chat room game
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